About Me

I started Cynvestor in 2020 to document my experiences as a beginner investor so that I can one day look back and see how I have grown as an investor. I also hope that this can inspire people to get started on investing as I think, I myself would have benefitted a lot more had I started earlier.

The name Cynvestor comes from my initial cynical feelings about investing, where I did not believe that I could make my money work for me. Having invested some of my money for 1 year now, I still have my reservations, but I have definitely started moving away from being a complete cynic, so we will see how that goes over time.

I started first investing in 2019, when I was 27 years old from the little savings I have accumulated. My main objective behind investing is to have a substantial portion of my income coming from passive sources. This is part of my retirement goals which I have not fully defined yet. 

I hope that my experiences and sharings will be valuable to people. I welcome any feedback to improve this blog at cynvestor@gmail.com